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Meet The Atomic Team!

Originally founded as a supplement to a charitable shirt club that supports and features fire stations, Atomic T-Shirts originated as Firehouse Shirt Co. and opened its doors to the public in Fall of 2015. With just 2 employees and a dream, Jim Scano quickly built a name for the small company. However after 3 years of growth and business, a change was needed. The public needed to know that this company didn't print exclusively for fire stations, nor did it prepare delicious subs. Thus Atomic-T Shirts was born! Our mission is simple: Quality, Speed and a Smile!

A humorous photo of Jim Scano

Jim Scano

"Are we going to print some shirts today?" 

A loving father of two, as well as a former firefighter/paramedic for Dallas Fire-Rescue and the McKinney Fire Dept. he found his niche market through Firehouse Shirt Club. From this monthly club he founded Firehouse Shirt Co. which is now known as Atomic T-Shirts. His love for small town community and local business has driven him to build multiple small businesses provide jobs to many local residents. 

A photo of artist Benjamin Larance raising one eyebrow

Benjamin Larance

UT Graduate, Benjamin moved back to Dallas after school. Upon his homecoming he pretty much stumbled into being brought to the team in the spring of 2016. Starting as a part timer, he brought a love of the arts as well as an unorthodox problem solving to the Atomic family. Eventually he was promoted to full time graphic artist and screen-printer, helping to train newcomers. 


Being a wanderer of this world, Gesch was brought to Atomic T-shirts for the summer of 2017. His passion for the arts and fashion and keen eye for design made him a valuable asset to the Atomic crew. With a history in fashion and scultpure, he boasts some unconventional problem solving techniques. His love of leisure and luxury have led to many solutions in efficiency. 

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